Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Loss Of Justice Scalia And The Dangers That We Face Due To Taht Loss

 The U.S. lost a giant with the death of Anton Scalia yesterday. his devout adherence to the rule of law and the Constitution was one of the few safeguards left in place to keep the onslaught of hard left Communists like Bernie, Obama, Hillary and worse at bay! May God bless his soul and may he rest in piece.

I opined on another blog with the following:

I'm afraid we are now in deep doo doo seeing as the establishment GOP pieces of garbage in the Senate will not stand up and block any nomination from this pitiful excuse of a President. As I opined last week in another open thread here (at Always On Watch), those same scum bags who were voted in by promising to actually defend conservative values, the rule of law and our Constitution will most likely once again choose to "not want acrimony" rather than do what is good for the country.

Last night I noticed Ted Cruz, you remember, he's the only elected official that has in fact stood up for what he promised the voters, mentioned among other things the fact that an Obama appointee will effectively eliminate the 2nd amendment (my words, he said private gun ownership I believe).

Well its much worse than that as any thinking person has to realize the entire idea for the Democrats and their Communist brethren ( and yes, I definitely mean exactly that as to the Democrats) will have their "litmus" test for a new Justice. And that test is simple! Forget the ideals and so forth, just make damn sure the appointee is willing to legislate from the bench and ignore the Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law.

 Add to the above the peril in store as to the 1st amanedment also.

 As we all know, free speech as practiced by the Communist left in this country is not what is described in the 1st amendment. Stating one's opinion contrary to theirs (and let me include our RINO friends who also brand free speech as bad) is hate speech or anti government terrorism and must be abolished. Well kids, welcome to Soviet Russia if this Senate approves anyone put forward by Comrade Obama!

One has to pray the spineless idiots in the Senate GOP will in fact fight for what their constituents send them there for, but this of course is highly improbable. Rubio, Graham, McCain and others will most likely revert to form and kiss Obama's royal ass as they vote to confirm another enemy of this country and her ideals!

The looney left is already hitting hard and their propaganda arm, the MSM is already lamenting and preaching the evils of any Senate refusing to confirm a President's nominee. Personally, I think this is a great time to avenge Robert Bork and Mr. Estrada and their failed nominations at the hands of a hateful Democratic majority. In other words, it is time to fight the same war the Democrats have done and with the same tactics. The future of everything we hold dear is at stake and one must pray the spineless GOP will rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, I'm afraid there is little chance of that so pray I am in fact wrong as to that assertion.

Be scared. Be very scared because this is a watershed moment for this country. If the Senate fails to block a new appointee until after the election, the American Experiment is over!


  1. "Be scared. Be very scared because this is a watershed moment for this country. If the Senate fails to block a new appointee until after the election, the American Experiment is over!"

    Of course then President Sanders will appoint the next Supreme Court justice.

  2. Possibly. Seeing as the indoctrination of our younger generation has wiped out the pure evil that is socialism from the history they are being taught, this could happen. None the less, I'm cautiously hopeful that some of the over 50% who haven't voted in the last elections, especially the older voters, will get off their sorry asses and vote remembering what our forefathers fought and died for. It sure as hell wasn't what passes as our government now

  3. I have no faith in the career politicians of the Senate.

    1. Agreed. One only has to look at the lengths the establishment incumbents are going to in both parties to insure their phoney baloney positions as witness to that.
      But it's not just the Senate. Elected incumbents in both parties and in all walks of government are marching to the same lockstep chant of "I'm in power and will rot in hell before I give it up".

      Unless the people demand
      "Government by the people" as was the original intent of the constitution and our founding fathers, all is lost.