Sunday, July 19, 2015

Five Service Men Lost To A Radical Muslim! Presdient Asshat nce Again Refuses To Call It What It IS!

ENOUGH! Five more of our sevicemen killed by a Radical scum bag Muslim and all our so called leader can say is it is "a heartbreaking occurrence"? This rancid Jew hating, Muslim loving racist in the White House, the one who to this day calls the Ft. Hood massacre "workplace violence" wants us to believe this is not a war against us by the Radical Muslims but instead just some deranged loner?

I for one have had enough of this bullshit. Someone out there has got to call it like it is and in turn blow these bastards off the face of the earth if that's what it takes! Islamaphobia my ass! The loony left and the politically correct will call me a hater, racist or worse. SO BE IT! I do in fact detest this President , his policies and all who ignore the obvious facts so as to further their loony agenda that is destroying this country!

When a people of any kind announces they will kill you, you damned well better kill them first.Not this ass clown though. No, instead he makes agreements with the very people financing these terrorists and worse throws both our ally Israel and in turn us under the bus! And now I read he will not offer any new weaponry to Israel but since he and his minions openly display their hatred for Israel and Jews in general, I guess it is expected.  I'd be shocked if I wasn't so nauseated.

Let's not forget, this is the same bastard that refuses to uphold the law and in turn Americans get killed by illegal alien trash. He attends or send representatives to funerlas of certain people so as to pound in the wedge between the races but refuses to even acknowledge someone like Katie Shaidle, the young lady murdered by an illegal alien because our President and the loonies on the left with their sanctuary cities and worse refuse to see the realities of their failed policies. Oops, what policies?

We hear Black Lives Matter but heaven forbid if a candidate of any stripe say All Lives Matter! just look at what happened yesterday. And by the way President Bozo, if black lives really matter why do you refuse to say anything as to the black on black murders in Chicago? Oops, forgot. Doesn't fit you bullshit narrative does it? But, I digress.

Back to the murders in Tennessee. A few things I stumbled across as to this piece. As I've said many times, there are people out there who can speak to thing far better than I can sometimes.

Below I found a wonderful piece by Tomi Lahren:

Per usual, it is Mark Steyn who speaks the cold, hard Truth we need to hear and acknowledge: (my apologies, I forgot the source on this one)

A fifth victim of the Chattanooga jihad boy has died: Petty Officer Randall Smith, US Navy.

I’m afraid the makeshift memorials of flags and other patriotic memorabilia that have sprung up on the edge of the police tape depress the hell out of me. A no doubt sincere veneration for the military apparently can only express itself with a feeble passivity that is a large part of the problem. This isn’t a time for the bumper-sticker bromides of “We salute our heroes/Thank you for your service/We support our troops”. Among the dead are men who waged a bloody and hard-fought battle to retake Fallujah …only to come home and die unarmed in a crappy shopping mall at the hands of a halfwit fanatic….

A Chinese-made teddy bear from Wal-Mart is not an appropriate reaction. Righteous anger is. And there’s not a lot of evidence of that. At that parking-lot memorial, the public seems to discern that such anger is no longer an approved sensibility — whereas a teary generalized sadness gets plenty of media coverage….

…We who did not know them cannot mourn them: That is for their friends and family. The nation’s duty is to avenge them — so that they did not die in vain.

I found the following fromSgt. Alonzo Lunsford:

Saying the “war is here on U.S. soil,” a victim of the 2009 Fort Hood attack by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan described the killing of four U.S. Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday as “an act of terror.”

He said the threat won’t go away until it is eliminated.

Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who survived being shot seven times by Hasan, appeared Friday on Fox News’ “Your World,” and told host Charles Payne the White House needed to call this attack what it truly was.
“They need to get their heads out of the fourth point of contact and call it what it is,” Lunsford said of the Obama administration.

The “fourth point of contact” is Airborne military jargon for the derriere, which is a somewhat more polite way of telling Obama to get his head out of his ass.

“As long as they drag their feet, people die,” Lunsford said. “Now, we predicted this would happen years ago. It happened here in the United States and in England as well.”

And Charlie Daniels hits a nerve as I still believe the majority of the people in this country do in fact feel as he does:

 Last but not least, a letter from an ex serviceman that has been on various sites:

A Promise To Five Men In Chatanooga

Thursday, July 16, five brave men charged with the responsibility of defending this country died because they weren't allowed to defend themselves.

They were murdered by yet another Muslim, Muhammad Yousseff Abdulazeez,  in an act of terrorism inspired by the islamic notion of "jihad".  

Every man or woman in the United States Military, regardless of their location, find themselves today unarmed, in what amounts to an active combat theater.  The idea that they can't be trusted with firearms is simply idiotic.  The people who attack them do so for the same reason they murder women and children.  They don't have the courage to go near anybody who has the means to defend themselves, and the people whose policies created this situation seem to be okay with it.  

People in this country, honorable people, refer to this attack as an act of war.  Islamists would like to think of themselves as 'warriors', but they don't know what the word means.  Warriors don't go around sneaking up on unarmed people.  They give themselves far too much credit.  Regardless, our president, who cares about none of that, won't do anything about it.  He refuses to acknowledge reality, referring to the attack  as a "heartbreaking circumstance".  This statement is a masterpiece of cowardice and duplicity, even for him.

If America had a president worthy of the title, these men would not have been attacked in the first place.  We would have responded in kind to this violence long ago, and these terrorists would be busy murdering each other back home instead of attacking unarmed people in our streets.  

The blood of these men is on Mr. Obama's hands.  They weren't the first to die here at home, and they won't be the last.  

Mr. Obama doesn't seem to understand any of this.  Here's something else he doesn't understand:  The only reason we have a Commander-in-Chief in the first place is because he was delegated, by the People, to take care of just this kind of threat.  If he chooses to dishonor that responsibility, he merely renders himself irrelevant.  The only thing he will dishonor in the end is himself and his office.  Millions of brain dead liberals notwithstanding, this is a nation of free men, and if he won't defend America, the rest of us will.  That is a promise to these men, and everyone else who died defending this country.

  Will we as a country defend America as he states above? Have we completely lost our will and in turn will we allow this Muslim Loving, Anti-Jew, Anti-American ideals President and his followers on both the left and right to continue to destroy this country from within? Will we avenge our service men and women, not only the latest five to be killed but all, including those at Ft Hood who were killed by MUSLIMS?!

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