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Where Are The Leaders? Hard Core Socialism Ahead

 Before I get off on my tirade, the always on the spot Judge Jeannine:

And as I happen to reference him below, how about another hilarious Hitler video:

The lies and deception keep piling up as our leaders point us headfirst to bankruptcy and the fall of this great country. Obamacare is finally being shown as the big lie it always love, but as usual the spineless lemmings prefer to defend the indefensible and just add to the dishonest discourse. The President is caught in a lie but it’s those nasty Republican and Tea Party Zealots that are holding up Comrade Obama’s transformation of the U.S. to basically a Communist state. And make no mistake about it, that is his aim. We’ll leave out Benghazi, Gunrunning and the IRS fiasco for the moment and today concentrate on the hard core Socialist Obamacare fiasco.

First and foremost: Our elected representatives, you know, the lying bastards that go home to their constituents, listen to their complaints than go back to their cocoon in D.C. and basically tell those same constituents to blow  it out their asses because “they know what is better for you”. They voted in a bill, most had not read or understood. As people began losing their policies and the website became a fiasco, we finally got an apology (snide snicker here) from the liar in chief. And in the end, after blatantly lying and trying to change his recorded words and so forth we get a sob story of how he was burned by this?

BARACK OBAMA. Having said that, given that I’ve been burned already with a website–well, more importantly the American people have been burned by a website that’s been dysfunctional, what we’ve also been doing is creating a whole other set of tracks, making sure that people can apply by phone effectively, making sure people can apply in person effectively. (Newsbusters)

People are having their promised “grandfathered” policies yanked out from under them!  

As we now know, less than a month after the bill was signed, “the Obama administration implemented rules specifically designed to ensure that millions of people”. I’m almost positive before this bill was voted on, those few who dared actually investigate and report noted that the “implementation of the bill laid in the hands of the head of HHS. I’m almost certain it was also being reported that the head of HHS would also have the right to “change the rules as they went as needed” (sorry here. morning brain freeze and I just can’t the exact words out. . We know they wrote the rules to in effect dismantle the grandfather clause. But here is the real kicker that no one is mentioning.

It was pointed out years ago this would happen, and I don’t just mean the loss of policies! It was reported that a few people would have the right to make up the rules as they went, that in effect all control of health care and all decisions pertaining to it would be made by in effect one person! Death panels for an example? If it isn’t there, it can be inserted. They have that right under this law. Rationing of care to the elderly? It’s coming because this bill gives them the right! And if it’s not there now, they can insert rules to make it so.
It was there for all to see, but the slime that is the MSM as well as the bald faced lying entrenched political scum refused to report or tell us the truth! The brilliant guy in the White Souse didn’t know? States like Nazi Germany, the old USSR, Cuba, China and so many others were built on lies! In my lifetime we have seen many leaders all over the world of the same lying ilk. But the blatant openness with which this clown in the White House lies to his teeth amazes me. 

To everyone crying about using a picture of Hitler (in the article I commented on, various pictures of dictators were used, and of course the lefties got their panties all in a wad), something I personally think is more than plausible in the case of the liar in chief and his lackeys. 

The other day, I commented on one of Skook’s stories at Flopping Aces. He had as usual a great essay and in his comments said the following:

“I personally swear to all who read this, I will never submit to the shackles of Socialism nor the Yoke of Communism. I have lived over six decades as a free man and I will die a free man in the country that I love, that is my commitment.

Socialism leads to the failure of not only a country, but of the social system itself. The entrenched politicos only care about the power and the cycle goes on.”

No truer words have been written and I wrote the following and have since expanded on it.
“In turn, we are now at the point where the electorate, for whatever reason seems to have chosen to turn its back on not only our founding principles, but also the truth. They now accept the lies and false promises, just as so many have in the past. USSR, Cuba or whatever, Socialism leads to the failure of not only a country, but of the social system itself. The entrenched politicos only care about the power and the cycle goes on.
If one looks back at Germany, the people voted for the promise, choosing to not look at the reality of who Hitler really was. Granted the information was there for all to see and oh what a surprise when they finally noticed they elected a despotic tyrant complete with the SS and Gestapo and so on.

Fast forward to the hack now in the White House, for all practical purpose and exact parallel to our friend Hitler. We had a lying sack of manure feeding the electorate a line of crap complete with the aid of media propaganda industry fully in his pocket. We see freedoms being eroded before our very eyes, yet the garbage in the media “justifies” (see the NYTIMES) the lies. Finally, we see a leader who seems willing to cede our power and sovereignty and in turn leads us into third world status, a world he apparently believes in.” 

Lying is part of politics, but destroying one’s country with the lies is treason. Leftists and those of your ilk need to remember one thing. Right now you are allowed to speak your mind and throw out your leftist tripe. That is your right. But seeing as we are watching our rights stripped from us and a mind dead electorate is allowing it, don’t cry to me and others when all of a sudden your right to moronic speech is taken away from you.

You see, marching in lockstep blind loyalty with any political leader, left or right is not only asinine, but in fact deadly as to what should be a Free Country. You choose to back a President and policies that in the end will lead to the downfall of our country as we know it. So be it. But don’t expect anyone with even an ounce of sense go over the cliff with you. 

None the less, it is something that has to be said and pointed out as loudly as possible. This isn't just about Comrade Obama and his leftist Commie lackeys on both sides of the aisle. This is about an electorate that has lost its way, be it by indoctrination or sheer laziness. Unfortunately history has shown us that human nature tends to lead people to the easy way, be it taking rather than earning or expecting someone else to do it and so on.

The fact that the electorate time and again (look no further than the idiots in Virginia who just elected a corrupt person who is under investigation for various things) heed the siren call of the false promises rather than even remotely make a decision based on fact and record is sad enough. But the problem is much deeper than that now.

The electorate as I said before has decided to shun every ideal this country was founded on. Our so called leaders now openly abuse and berate the law of the land. We are now not to be responsible for ourselves. The Commie bastards that run our government will take care of us. Comrade Obama openly defies the Constitution with no outcry from the MSM or most of the leaders in Congress. The so called loyal opposition is trying to purge (Hatch told the Deseret News and KSL NewsRadio that “[i]t’s time now… for Lee and other tea party Republicans to be ‘rehabilitated’ for refusing to pass a budget bill needed to keep the government operating unless money for the act better known as Obamacare was removed.”) those in their party that have the spine to stand up to the loss of our liberties and for what?  To keep their power, and  nothing else.

I just noticed the newly elected mayor of NYC is espousing a five year plan! A five year plan? Sounds just like the old USSR, but guess what! The Mayor has a hard left background, better known in some circles as Commie like. Yet, the lemmings in NYC dutifully voted this guy in.
In my home town of Chicago, murders are literally off the charts. The ultra vast majority of these shootings are black on black crimes but we are told it is a problem caused by the privileged whites. Anyone who stands up against this President and his asinine policies is branded racist or worse a traitor, after all, his own TSA and other entities have branded anyone who is against many of his policies is a possible terrorist or worse.

I can go on, but you get the gist of this. We do not have much leeway left, but this downhill drive to hard core Socialism and the dictatorship that come with it has to be stopped now! Someone somehow has got to turn this country back to its basic ideals and the responsibilities that come with a Democracy. Our forefathers warned us of exactly what is now happening and as in most historical instances man ignores the warnings and lessons of history at their own peril.

Democracy and individual liberty comes with a price. That price is not only fighting for the rights of all but accepting not only the responsibility of being a good citizen but in fact accepting responsibility for one’s self. The fact that in the eyes of this administration and the scum balls on both sides the basic ideals this country was founded  are nothing more than a liner for the bottom of a birdcage is something every man and woman should be ashamed of. Yet, the electorate refuses to face the reality. That reality is as, you said, chilling to say the least. Where are the leaders that will stand up to it?

Leadership has to come from within I think. As such, I really wonder if the indoctrination that has occurred as to our kids and their education (after all, we know as a fact they do not teach the basics anymore) combined with the “you owe it to me” mentality that is now instilled in society has not in fact diluted those leadership qualities to the few who seem to still believe in our country’s ideals. If one chooses to believe the statistics, the majority of the electorate does not believe in this country as founded. And the very few that do stand up, take Ted Cruz for example are vilified by all sides.  This is sad situation that in turn points to the imminent downfall of this once great nation.

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