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Happy New Year! Optimistic? We Should Be!

I want to start out today by wishing everyone a safe and prosperous Happy New Year!

I noticed a headline yesterday noting Americans were greeting the New Year with “optimism”! As I read that story. I asked myself: What the hell is there to be optimistic about?

First and foremost, there are our friends, the Radical Muslims whose sole intent, under the guise of religion, is death to Jews, and all in the Western world who cling to the ideals as espoused by our founding fathers. One must make no mistake of this. Between the radical Muslim terrorists and enablers such as “Mr. We Will Talk To Them” Obama and other Chamberlain like morons, the entire Mideast is heading for an all out war. Not surprising when we have leaders and hate mongers such as we do here who despise Israel beyond rationality!

As our President has openly professed in his own words (read his book!)siding with the Muslims if needed, the end result is clear. Refusal to call terrorists terrorists, the fiasco still going on as to the Ft. Hood terrorist and apologizing repeatedly for “America’s” “misunderstanding”(what a joke) of the Muslim world (and for that matter, basically standing with the scum of the U.N. and blaming us for everything) leaves little room for hope on the Mideast front. And heaven help poor Israel. This President and his moronic advisers (and let’s not forget that great Anti-Israeli Ron Paul) are leading the charge for his Muslim brothers. BTW: Let’s also not forget the blown opportunities and in turn the embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban (America at this moment is “negotiating” with these clowns).

One also must note the creeping onset of apparent Sharia compliance as well as censorship of all free speech when speaking the truth as to the Radical Muslim s. Not much to hope for if free speech is the victim, and in many cases it is! The war that is being waged in the Mideast and for that matter in Socialist Europe is only the beginning. We are next!

And it is coming here what with Political Correctness and not! The truth about the Muslim religion if one chooses to believe the Radical Agenda and for that matter the words of the Koran is a message of hate, intolerance, despite of women and a complete hatred of Western Ideals including Freedom of Speech and Religion! One only has to look not only at places like Dearborn, Michigan, but listen to the shameless idiots including our Muslim leaning President who steadfastly refuse to call a spade a spade! They are not our enemies. They are not terrorists. It's always alleged with them. Call the Radical Muslim terrorists, the Mullahs or the religion itself what it is from their own words and you are branded either a racist or intolerant.

Here in the states even now, one can be charged with a hate crime for daring to speak the truth about this bastardized religion (by bastardized, I mean bent to conform with the hateful views of the mullahs and their indoctrination of the uneducated Muslim masses). THAT IS THE TRUTH! Speak it and you will be persecuted, whether it is to call the assassin at Ft. Hood a radical Muslim or for that matter criticize the clown President and his apparent Muslim leanings!

How’s this for wondering about “optimism”? We have a President who openly promotes class warfare and racism! He brands the people who succeed as robber barons1 He sees any gains earned by hard working people as illicit and belonging to the state! Of course in his words, it’s “to all the people”. Moron alert! It’s the state!

He has an Attorney General who refuses to prosecute a blatant racist act as to the Black Panther Voting scandal, one who is covering up a terrible episode as to the Fast and Furious gun running episode among others yet one who also has the temerity to speak out on “gun deaths and crime being up and he will do all he can to take our guns away! Hypocrisy at its highest. The man and his puppet master fan the seeds of racism and class warfare then are shocked, absolutely shocked when crime goes up! Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight! Yep. Lots of optimism when it comes to this justice department! Case in point:

From Cal Thomas:
“Is there, or should there ever be, a point when a state is no longer penalized for its discriminatory past?

Not according to the Department of Justice, which last Friday rejected a South Carolina law that would have required voters show a valid photo ID before casting their ballots.
Justice says the law discriminates against minorities. The Obama administration said, “South Carolina’s law didn’t meet the burden under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which outlawed discriminatory practices preventing blacks from voting.” Why South Carolina? Because, the Justice Department contends, it’s tasked with approving voting changes in states that have failed in the past to protect the rights of blacks.

Are they serious?”

This comes from a Twitter posting by cutiepi2u, a CA Conservative:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that will require every citizen 2 prove they are insured but not 2 prove they are a citizen.

Man, what a dead on quote. As this President and his lackeys push this country into third world poverty status, they openly pit Americans against each other as well as enabling the Illegal Aliens that have over run this country to amass even more power. Law abiding citizens be damned, all of you! We’re in deep do do when only Illegals have rights and the citizens of our country are in fact the criminal element as deemed by this administration and Prince Harry and his clowns in the senate (let’s not forget Princess Lisa and the rest of the RINO scumbags either).

I saw today a statement by the administration wherein he will rather than run on his pathetic record, he will in fact run against Congress for doing nothing! While there can be a grain of truth in that, one can be sure the co-opted media will bastardize that into the “Republicans stopped everything”! Fine and dandy, but not much hope for optimism there, is it? After all, his Democratic Senate has still refused to do their job as per the laws of this land and even vote on a budget for over nine hundred days! That’s 3 years if inaction, yet it’s the other side’s fault! His stance is not even hypocrisy for god’s sake! Moron Alert! The man and his minions are bald faced liars who do not give one damn about the American people! Power! That’s what it is about!

It was also stated he would resort exclusively to Executive Orders. Bypassing Congress and for that matter the Constitutional law of that land (something for which it has been proven he has utter disdain for) if needed. Ah yes! King Barak and Queen Michelle will in fact force the Marxist Socialist, Muslim agenda on us all, laws be damned! Even as he peaks of income redistribution, vilifying the rich and cutting downs the bedrock principles of this country, he projects an air of royalty (at least that’s what he and his propaganda industry think) when in fact he is destroying the very fabric of this nation! Certainly something to be optimistic about, right? NOT! Read the words below then watch the actions of this scum bag President (And for those of you who read this who don’t like me calling him that, fact is fact! Free speech and my perception. You can all bite me!).

BTW: I highly recommend Douglas Gibbs and his Political Pistachio blog. He always has pertinent up to date views as well as reminding one constantly of what this country is really about!

Douglas Gibbs at Political Pistachio:

"No Aristocracy in America "As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them." --Tench Coxe, An American Citizen, No. 2, 1787 "

I could go on here for hours, but I think you all have the drift of this now. Between the establishment Republican scum that is actively tearing apart their own party so they can keep power and perks to the Democrats who apparently have absolutely no idea what this country is anymore! Bring on the Euro model seems to be their rant. Entitlements mean reelection and more perks for us!

However, that is not my intent! I for one am optimistic for many reasons. First, let me comment on the Tim Tebow garbage. I bring him up a as an example optimism as to our future and its leaders! The MSM, sportswriters and most of the Anti-God brigade are openly attacking a fine young man (and yes, his throwing mechanics suck!)! He along with a young man named Josh Ripley epitomize what is great about this country of ours!

A month or so ago, I came across a great story about a young man named Josh Ripley ( I posted on this great young man a while back), a high school athlete who, strong in his faith helped a hurt competitor during a cross country meet, throwing away his chance at winning a championship or glory and instead showing the leadership that faith in one’s God can deliver. In that post, I wrote the following about this great young man. In an comment on a Tebow story on the Flopping Aces site, I changed the name from what I had written about Josh to Tim whom it must be noted gives so much of himself to his fellow man also!). Both of these give young men. while proudly professing their faith, live by it! Both show leadership! Both give of themselves. One is rich and famous, the other a high school athlete. Yet both are the kind of men I am happy that my kids, grandkids and I look up to! As such, the folks who insist in belittling Tim and others should get their heads out of their collective behinds! How I wish the scum in Washington from our so called President to the rest of the establishment scum we call leaders could just once show the qualities of Tim Tebow or Josh Ripley!

“In this young man, we see what not only a true leader is, not only what a hero is, but in fact we see the very essence of what makes real Americans what they are. Here we have a young man, who gives of himself for his fellow man. He prays to his God, adhering to his faith as all good men do. His humanity takes over and he casts aside his own aspirations. In every quality, this young man shows us what a man is and from my point of view, he is thousands of times the man (or woman as I am speaking of character here) our President, so many elected officials and the members of the MSM can ever hope to be. Character, something of which there is a complete lack of in people who we stupidly call leaders and advisers! Yes Virginia, there is hope for optimism!

There is a great site called “The New Jacksonian Blog” written by a gentleman named Michael Kaplan. He is historian by profession and teaches American history at Farmingdale State College, SUNY. His last post was “Winston Churchill on the Meaning of Civilization “.

I commented as follows because Churchill’s stirring words not only capture the American Ideal, but in fact point to the optimism that in fact radiates from that ideal!:

“What a fabulous speech that was! It's rather amazing in some ways that Churchill and Thatcher, Brits to boot epitomized what is the "American Ideal"!

Anyone who is willing to actually learn from history should not only be aware of the dangers from appeasers like our current president, but also should realize one must learn from history and not make the same mistakes. The hatred, Anti-Semitism, racial and class warfare now being practiced by this administration is evidence of as you state above an elitist mind set that is destroying our country from within, just as Khrushchev said would happen.

I sometimes wonder if there is a leader left with the stature of a Reagan, Churchill or whatever and if so, would he or she really want to subject themselves to the character assassination tactics of the co-opted media and the left.

As we have a President who spouts out how he has done more for Israel than any other President (I"m just using this as one example of lack of leadership and loyalty) while openly throwing them under the bus and embracing the Muslim Radicals, one can only wonder where the real leaders are at this time and when they will come out and say enough is enough!

As always Michael my thanks once again for a great article, in this case, a reaffirmation of not only the greatness of Mr. Churchill, but the American ideal in spades!”

Below is Churchill’s speech which I lifted from Michael"s sight LOL! Seriously, these are not just words! This is in fact the American Ideal in spades! This is what the lefties from our President on down do not want you to hear! Western Civilization is in great peril! Yet every time it gets to the edge, great men and women have fought back. I mention Tim Tebow and Josh Ripley above as evidence of the leadership needed, but there are many others for sure. I am optimistic our future is in fact going to be ok as long as our Freedom of Speech and in turn the basic liberties are not stomped on any more than they have been! Faith in God and one’s country is not a sin as the President and the MSM would want us to believe!

Winston S. Churchill, “Civilization,” Chancellor’s Address, University of Bristol, July 2, 1938

There are few words which are used more loosely than the word “Civilization.” What does it mean? It means a society based upon the opinion of civilians. It means that violence, the rule of warriors and despotic chiefs, the conditions of camps and warfare, of riot and tyranny, give place to parliaments where laws are made, and independent courts of justice in which over long periods those laws are maintained. That is Civilization—and in its soil grow continually freedom, comfort and culture. When Civilization reigns, in any country, a wider and less harassed life is afforded to the masses of the people. The traditions of the past are cherished, and the inheritance bequeathed to us by former wise or valiant men becomes a rich estate to be enjoyed and used by all.

The central principle of Civilization is the subordination of the ruling authority to the settled customs of the people and to their will as expressed through the Constitution. In this Island we have today achieved in a high degree the blessings of Civilization. There is freedom: there is law; there is love of country; there is a great measure of good will between classes: there is a widening prosperity. There are unmeasured opportunities of correcting abuses and making further progress.

In this very week we have seen a Prime Minister at the head of a large and loyal majority bow with good grace to the customs of Parliament, and we have heard Socialist Members speaking with pride of the precedents of the early seventeenth century, and the principles of the Petition of Right. (Editor’s Note: A reference to the Report of the Committee of Privileges which inquired into the dispute between Mr. Hore-Belisha and Mr. Duncan Sandys.) In this respect for law and sense of continuity lies one of the glories of England. And more than that, there also lies in it an important part of her strength and safety. Such episodes are astonishing, but also educative, to countries where dictatorships prevail, and where no one dares to raise his hand against arbitrary power. They stir and cheer the minds of men in many lands.

We have, however, to face the problem of the turbulent, formidable world outside our shores. Why should not the same principles which have shaped the free, ordered, tolerant Civilization of the British Isles and British Empire be found serviceable in the organization of this anxious world? Why should not nations link themselves together in a larger system and establish a rule of law for the benefit of all? That surely is the supreme hope by which we should be inspired and the goal towards which we should march with resolute step.

But it is vain to imagine that the mere perception or declaration of right principles, whether in one country or in many countries, will be of any value unless they are supported by those qualities of civic virtue and manly courage—aye, and by those instruments and agencies of force and science which in the last resort must be the defense of right and reason.

Civilization will not last, freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe.

Here, then, we see the task which should command the exertions of the rising generation which tills this spacious hall, and which may bring to the life of Britain the surge of a new impulse towards the organization of world peace, and across the gulf of these eventful years prepare and bring nearer the Brotherhood of Man.

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