Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our children's Future

For my Christmas this year, I am lucky enough to have my grand kids here with me. As I look at them, I wonder just what our legacy is actually going to be. What have we left them or maybe a better question, what have we done to them?

My forefathers fought for and built the greatest country this world has ever known, one that opened her arms to all and embraced them with the promise of equal rights and freedom. Yes, we had some bad bumps on the way, but slowly and surely we built upon the foundations left to us from those wonderful folks who fought a Revolution and a Civil War. There were mistakes and there were triumphs. One wondrous thing came out of it. The United States of America!

However, one must be circumspect and take a look at us now. So many people in this nation now stand with their hands out, unwilling to help themselves. They only concern themselves with their own selfishness. Even as we try to right the wrongs of the past, the racist leaders out there prefer to preach hate and entitlement instead of “strive for perfection’, a right that is granted to all.

We have the powerful pitting the rich against the poor. They penalize achievement. They take away incentive. And they have the utter gall to tell a family that government are the only ones that have the right to one’s life earnings once they die, family be damned! Funny, I don’t remember anything in the constitution saying government has the right to my family’s trust. Yet people like Barney Frank says it belongs the government.

We have a Mainstream Media that is nothing more than a propaganda arm for this government. Lies galore as this one:
Republicans block youth immigration bill
“Senate Republicans on Saturday doomed an effort that would have given hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants a path to legal status if they enrolled in college or joined the military”

Anyone with one ounce of brains knows that the Democrats had unstoppable majorities in both houses, yet the media reports that the opposition blocked this and other so called worthy bills when in fact as in this instance, the President’s own party had defections and they in fact stopped this bad bill. Yet, the media prefers to tell the big lie. Yes Virginia, we are teaching our children to lie. The President does it, our elected officials do it and the media follows suit. In turn, our educators teach the same lies and parents are vilified (Michelle Obama statement: We can’t leave it to the parents”). When does it stop?

The list is too long to go on and I’m sure you get my drift. The lies keep coming and our future generations will suffer. As if that isn’t bad enough, we have the fact that this country is now following the socialist model that this treasonous President and Congress have chosen for it. The debt owed by our children and grandchildren is staggering! The income redistribution espoused by this President and his Marxist cronies is not only destroying our country as we know it, it is taking away any hope for our children's and grand children’s future.

I for one do not want my children to live under the Marxist dictatorship that is headed our way. I do not say this lightly! History is supposed to teach us yet this country led by this Socialist president and congress is in the process of yanking our children’s future out from under them. Our education system is in shambles as is evidenced by a study that came out just the other day that 23% or something like that (forgot the exact figure, but it was high) of people enlisting in the armed services cannot pass the simple basic knowledge testing! This is what we’ve done for our children. Basically we have a government that wants the people to be nothing more than servile.

Our children do not deserve this! For the first time in my life, I do not see us being able to leave our children a better country! I look at my grandchildren and wonder. What could I have done better? What can we as a people do to save our country for our children? This might be the most important question of them all. Our children are indeed our future. If we choose to keep going down the path we are now pursuing, I fear their future will be one of Marxist enslavement. I fear for our children as we all should! We need to take our country back now, for their sake if not for ours.

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