Monday, January 20, 2020

Kudos To A Brave Young Lady

I ran across this over at PoliNation. It's quite interesting, not only because the young lady is of Mexican descent and therefore in the eyes of those on the left does not have the right to think differently then the pious idiots who are lecturing her, but even more so for her reasoning as to why she thinks as she does.

How many times in the past have I and many others stated "look at all the facts"? What does it take to get brain dead morns to open their eyes and more, their minds to to all sides of an argument and then in turned make a learned decision? And how is it that we refuse to take the hard left indoctrination morons (MSM, Teachers,lying politicians etc) to Task and fight back against this coming tyranny or worse as we watch a party literally try to destroy not only this country but our free will?

Well, the brave young lady below once again gives me hope that all is not lost. I know many immigrants who have come into this country LEGALLY, followed the rules, love this country and refuse to cow tow to this garbage. But to see a young lady put herself out as she has is promising. There is hope and I pray all stays well for her as she fights the good battle.

#WalkAway Latina Style

Tweeted by Mexican O’Crazio Corn Pop‏ @jetrotter
“I am a 19 year old female from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I went to the Trump rally back in 2016 with my mom, brother, and a couple of friends. I was totally against Trump & went to cause HELL, but my mom decided to go, so I had to sit there & LISTEN.

“It was a good speech & he was a good man, but I still wasn’t convinced. Leaving the rally, we had to go through the other way because the anti-Trump protesters wanted to get to us & hurt us. We walked outside & it looked like HELL. They made our city look like sh*t.

“As we were walking out, a young man (early 20’s) got out & punched a old Trump supporter who was a veteran. My mom got in it with him to not do that. People were throwing things at us, screaming in our faces, putting the Mexican flags in our faces, throwing rocks at the horses. They damaged police cars and started fires. It was a riot. Look it up; it made national news.

“From that point on, I became a Trump supporter. I never posted about it or anything because I was afraid of the backlash. After Trump won, I started being more vocal. When I posted about Trump I had people delete me, block me, say fucked up things to me. In school I was called a bigot and harassed by a teacher because I was a Trump supporter. I had to do a presentation during lunch because it was about Trump, and ‘no one wanted to hear the hate’. My 10 year old brother was facing the same thing. He was told he shouldn’t look up to Trump & couldn’t do a presentation about him, because the teacher didn’t like him.

“Trump came back in 2019 for another rally & I stood in line for over 12 hours!!! I was super excited to see the President. I posted this picture (above) & it caused so much drama, so many nasty comments. But let me tell y’all, his rallies couldn’t be more patriotic. When everyone sang the national anthem together, I felt it in my heart.

“I walked away from the Democrats because I listened, I learned, and I developed my own opinion. I am 19 years old and have registered to vote in 2020 (R) for Trump. I want to make America, America again. Thank God for Trump & guns.

CtH: This was an eleven tweet series. I formatted and corrected some of the goofs only to make it easier to read.


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