Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Chistmas! Happy Hanakah! Hope Is Alive and Well!

As we head into the Holiday Season, I have so much on my mind as to the course this country is now hopefully headed in, emphasis on hopefully. As one can imagine from my viewpoint, this last 8 years have been absolute hell while this Commie buzzard and his minions have worked so hard to destroy the very core of this country's political system and the ideals that once made us the greatest country in the world. Now we are the laughing stock of the world, dis-respected and worse as is evidenced by the Chinese grabbing that drone as an example. The race divide is now 100 times worse than even when I was a kid in some instances, allowed to fester by a President who doesn't care about anything but his own narrative. And make no mistake about this, If  Barak and Michelle had to, they'd throw every black under the bus if needed provided it would help pave the way to their idea of a communist Islamic utopia. By their own words and actions, I can brand them as such and if that is racist or hatred so be it. Doesn't change that it is indeed fact.

Listening to Barak as he claims he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and Michelle sob and moan about loss of hope in itself is enough to make you puke. As usual though there is someone who put into words my very feelings on this subject much better than I ever could.

In watching the meltdown on the left, one can almost begin to feel that there is hope for this country yet! Even more so when one considers that if California and their so called popular vote totals which put Hillary in that category in the lead dropped off into the Pacific tomorrow, the loss of their electoral votes would not change a damned thing. Trump would still have 270.

Thank God the founding fathers realized the danger in elitist pigs to dumb to think for themselves and more so the fallacies of the welfare economy (and in turn foreseeing Communism and worse).

Please note here. I am Jewish by birth, my mother being pure Jewish on her side. I am also half  Norwegian. While I was inundated with the Jewish side thanks mainly to my Grandmother, I ended up following the Christian side in my life as my Dad and Aunt, both with deep Norwegian heritage. That was my personal choice. Having said that, make no mistake of one thing. I am damned proud of my Jewish background, just as I am of my Norwegian background. I am a child of two cultures who was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged me to live my life as I see it. Repeat! I am a child of two cultures, people who immigrated to this country legally and in turn embraced our ideals and basic tenets! Funny, they were able to assimilate without losing their identity and original heritage, yet we're now supposed to allow this heathen scum coming in to this country to dictate to us?!

 Enough of the tirade!  As we approach the holiday season, HOPE IS BACK IN VOGUE!. Make no mistake of this, the chance of any hope was looking bleak before election night.Hope is eternal and is ingrained in every human individual. The fact that we have had leaders telling us how to think, live, speak, eat and so forth was just another weapon in their arsenal to strip us of our freedoms and in turn strip us of HOPE.

Almost 2017 years ago, there was a birth, one that gave hope to all! Yet we have politically correct scum pulling that very hope out from under us all with their never ending war on not only religion (unless its Islam, the religion of hate if one chooses to listen to their main leaders , Obama being at the head of the class there) but the very ideals this country was founded on. Like it or not, Michelle, Barak and far to many on  the left as well as morons on the right feel they and their dictatorial power lust is the way we should go. For that I can only say the can go straight to HELL!

We now have a chance to stand up and reclaim our country and in turn her standing in the world. Looking at Trumps' choices for his cabinet so far I am happily hopeful (although I'm not quite sure as to the Secretary of State selection only because I know little about him other than as he is a business man, he is most likely a good negotiator). As the left is having head explosions as to the "they aren't qualified and/or have no political experience" I can only say Bless you Mr. Trump. Shake these bastards up down to to the very foundations of the institutions they are appointed to run. In turn, maybe they can undo the so called "bureaucrats actually run everything" fixation that is SOP for government today. Combine that with the hope that the spineless scum on the right might possibly grow some backbone (and if they don't, my guess is Mr. Trump will take to the Bully Pulpit and call them out as the cowards the are), then this is indeed a season for Joy and Hope!

To all out there, I wish you a very Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah. May you and we be blessed with Love and Hope!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

Relax and Enjoy Trump and Company. Looks Like a Good Start

 As I'm more or less happy with Trumps Cabinet selections so far (Mattis and Sessions are huge hits in my book!), I'm relaxing a bit as to my thoughts on the foreseeable future, but just a bit. unfortunately I still haven't seen the trash that is the incumbent GOP yet to actually grow the spine they need to actually completely stop this rush into oblivion via the hard core Socialist route that far to many wishy-washy creeps of both parties actually subscribe to. After all, power first. Morals and the people at the end of the line as usual. I hope to be proven long.

 None the less this is a time to feel hopeful as to our nations's future, especially if we can in fact overcome the indoctrination by the media and leftist scum schools. At first glance, they have not learned one lesson from the last month and in fact are doubling down on their hatred and scorn for the American people and our ideals. And let's not forget the gift that keeps giving, the Democratic Party! Right back to the well with Nancy and their embrace of the racist Muslim Ellison. Sometimes One can not make this stuff up.

As I said earlier though, I want to relax and enjoy. So for starters we'll have this great Parody I ran across today. I only wish I could come up with some of this brilliance.